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"All puppies bred at Stilwater Dogos,
are hand raised and socialized with our familiy."

Breeding Plans
these our intentions but not all breeding are successful!. None of these puppies on this page are for sale. They are only presented to give you a general idea of the kind of Dogo bred here at Stilwater Dogos. Pedigrees will be posted soon.....
Attention Dogo Enthusiasts who are looking for available puppies with "type" click here .

JCM. Ch. Malena De Los Medanos bred to Int., Mex., Ch. Nanday De Los Medanos. Pica was born June 2001 and is 4.5 months old in this photo. She has beautiful structure and plenty of bone.

"Lil' Nick " left and center at 12 weeks then his brother "Brahma"-right

These boys are from Nanday and Allegra de Las Aguas Mansas (granddaughter of India de Los Medanos photo in Pedigree pictures). They have the "rustic look " with good heads and lots of bone and very muscular. Both boys have been tested with boar at six months.

Puppies Available  
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