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MiBre's Basenji

About The Basenji

Aretha is a brindle girl.
Turk is red and white.

Fauna, Siete and Ranger
Jenni, Bre and me showing in Acapulco

Not Soundless just Barkless....

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Basenji club of America

 The Basenji originates from Africa. There have been several Field trips made by Basenji enthusiasts to recruit new blood from Native Stock of the Congo and other areas of Africa. For more information about African Imports see the Basenji Club of America (BCOA ) website. They offer a complete history of the breed pls many other helpful facts for the novice Basenji owners.
There are a few health issue anyone considering a Basenji should know research and know about:
1. Autohemolytic anemia
2. Fanconi Disease
3. Hip Dysplasia
4. Eye conditions such as. PPM and Retinal Degeneration
Diagnostic testing is available. There is further information on the BCOA website and Basenji Health Foundation site.

Still working on the website.

For information regarding available services please contact us. 

MiBre's Basenji
* Homestead,FL *

Special thanks to Barry