Books which contain information on
"El Dogo Argentino"

Breed Specific on El Dogo Argentino in Spanish

Nores-Martinez, Agustin, El Dogo Argentino, Buenos Aires: Editorial Albatros, 1984.

Valiño, Victor, DVM, El Cachorro Dogo Argentino, Buenos Aires: Orientacion Grafica Editora, 1988.

Valiño, Victor, DVM, Todo Acerca Del Dogo Argentino, Buenos Aires: Editorial Plus Ultra, 1994.

Valiño, Victor, DVM, Caza De Montera con Dogos Argentinos ,Impresio de la Argentina, 1995.

Books which contain articles/ pictures of El Dogo Argentino - English

Flamholz, Cathy, A Celebration Of Rare Breeds, Centreville: OTR Publications, 1986.

Semencic,Dr. Carl, Pit Bulls and Tenacious Guard Dogs, Neptune City,NJ, T.F.H. Publications, 1991.
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