Mission Statement for Las Aguas Mansas aka Stilwater Dogos

We have had Dogos for over 10 years and have produced some of the top Dogos in the United States in competition today. Our kennel is dedicated to breeding a correct dog as close to the original standard derived and published by Antonio and Austin Nores Martinez, co-creators for the breed. Diagnostic tools are ut8ilized to help decide who is included in our breeding program. In addition, we use Compuped to calculate the inbreeding coefficient.
The inbreeding coefficeint does not mean the dogs are inbred. It is a calculated number utilized to tell us the range in which you will find champions of the breed who represent "type". Dr. Bell explains it better in his article on the subject. In Genetics of the Dog by Willis the inbreeding coefficeint and relative coefficeint are very important when looking to preserve type and not cause yourself more problems set traits that are to be inherited generationally.
All stock from Champion bloodlines imported from Argentina. Also we had one Colombian import Champion whose hips were checked when he was 7.5 yrs. old and graded good by the OFA.
Our breeding program is based on years of study of Dogo genetics, lineage and breed history to produce consistency with true type. We breed for correct temperament, intelligence and aptitude for learning. All together to produce a superior Dogo. We don't want to change or improve this wonderful breed, only to preserve.
All of our Dogos are tested genetically for deafness with the Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response test (BAER) and x-rayed for hip problems in order to produce Dogos who are sound in both mind and body.
We are the first to have 15 generations of back
pedigrees computerized on our Dogos. Our goal is to try to recreate Dogos from the past to insure the future of this breed remains true to original "type".
Last updated on 10/30/2003

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